Peter Pouches, a Perfect Pick for Pickey People
by Keleigh May on June 7th, 2014

I have to thank my dad for introducing us to these about a year and a half ago. Dad's favorite place to shop is REI, this includes shopping for food (I believe that 90% of the time the man lives off of energy bars). When he was there doing his "grocery shopping" he found these pouches, knowing that I only like to give Tucker organic foods and also that Tucker loved the Nick Jr. show Peter Rabbit, he purchased some for Tucker. Since that time I have been constantly stocked! After trying almost all of the applesauce type pouches out there these are far and above the BEST! Why?  
First, there are only fruits and veggies in them, that's it! No added chemicals, no sugar, no nothing.
Second, Peter Rabbit's picture is on them, Tucker LOVES Peter Rabbit (sometimes he thinks he is a rabbit, and quotes lines from the show like "a good rabbit never gives up", and "let's hop to it", bless his heart) therefore anything that comes from "Mr. McGregor's Garden" is automatically awesome in his book.
Third, they taste AWESOME! They aren't just great for kids, but for adults too! I've never been a big fan of plain ole' applesauce, but these are amazing (I like to stick mine in the fridge for a few hours so its nice and cold).
Over the past year with Tucker eating lunch at preschool these became a staple. Also when we travel or are on the go, I always pack a pouch. It gives me peace of mind knowing that wherever we are, he can have a healthy treat with fruit, veggies and it has less than 5 ingredients!  Traveling this summer and looking for a fast easy snack for your little one (or yourself), where there's a meal, there's a way!
I won a Mother's Day contest hosted by Peter Rabbit Organics, when our prize arrived, one would have thought it was Christmas. You can't fake that kind of enthusium folks!
One of my fav's Raspberry, Banana and Blueberry. These guys are somewhat expensive, they are about $1.50-$2.00 a piece, but just consider the price of a soda, a candy bar, or a Starbucks white chocolate iced soy latte, paying $1.50 for a treat that not only tastes amazing but is really, genuinely good for yourself, I think is totally worth it. 
I recently found out that Peter Rabbits Organics is changing their name to Pumpkin Tree Organics, perhpas Peter prefers picking pumpkins at the pumkin tree patch (......sorry I just can't resist an opportunity to use alliteration). As you can see on the old packaging they featured the classic Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit where as on the new Pumpkin Tree packaging they feature Nick Jr's updated Peter Rabbit, a favorite in our house. 
The backs of both the new and the old packages. The only differences I see is that in the newer pouches, lemon juice concentrate is now added (from doing some research on lemon juice concentrate it makes the pouches last longer and taste fresher, not bothered by this addition at all). I also noticed that some of the percentages of the daily values have changed but I'm guessing that could be due to daily values in adults vs. children, and that there are 5 fat calories now vs. 0 before. I sent an email to Peter Rabbit asking about the name change and this was their reply, 
"Pumpkin Tree Organics will still make the same great tasting Peter Rabbit Organics snacks, that you’re toddlers have come to love, and our values will remain the same. We never compromise on taste or quality and we are dedicated to bringing you the freshest organic ingredients. All of the recipes and flavors of our current Peter Rabbit pouches will remain the same." 
 We have already tasted the new pouch and it tastes exactly the same, consider us satisfied customers. 


3 ingredients!!!!! Stupendous!
To find out more info about Peter Rabbit Organics go here. You can find them at Whole Foods, Starbucks, REI,  Wal-Mart, Amazon and other retailers.  

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