Moms Meet WOW Summit
by Keleigh May on December 7th, 2014

Earlier in November, I had the opportunity to attend the Moms Meet WOW Summit in Orlando, FL.  It was an amazing experience and one that I will always remember.  I could go on and on about it, but I figured I would let my mom sum it up.
I went just to be with my daughter (road trip to Orlando)!  I had never heard of WOW, Greenmomsmeet, Moms Meet, Kiwi magazine, Zevia, Suja, FluNada, ETC.

What I learned:  In the toxic, chemical laden world we live in, there is a community of moms that are devoted to "clean wholesome living" for their families,  and they are truly devoted, ALL IN!!!
This world of women meet daily, weekly via internet, blog, emails and that is how they educate each other. To me it is like taking a class on-line for these women, there is so much information and misinformation out there, these women have formed a network and they share their findings.  When we arrived at the conference so many already "knew" each other, although they had never seen each other in person.  My daughter knew the lady at the registration table because of her VOICE!!!  Danielle has/does a WEBINAR (new word for me) and Keleigh knew her from her voice!!!!!!! I must get in on a WEBINAR!!

Here are my bottom lines from the summit:
​Robyn O'Brien (Leads a non-profit) awesome speaker, look her up!!!
1. GMO crop system is big business funded by BIG CHEMICAL COMPANIES!
2. GMO seeds have to be paired with chemicals so they will grow which are produced by the BIG CHEMICAL COMPANIES!  
3. People are getting sicker because of the chemicals and artificial chemicals, they are killing us. THEY MAKE CANCER GROW!
4. You can't share this gift of knowledge, if people wont accept it. Her dad (that older generation) had a heart attack, THEN HE LISTENED to what she had been trying to share with him.
5. Alzheimer's is made worse with chemicals!
6. Most kids today do not have 1 allergy, most have several. (when I was little I knew no one with allergies) It's the chemicals!!!!  
7. Try and live by the 80/20 rule, try to do good 80% of the time! That is very freeing, because it is so hard to do right 100% of the time
Traci Paige Johnson (Media expert, created Blue's Clues, Super Why)
1. We are all "war buddies" together, I never realized that we are in a "war" for our children, their health and well being.
2. App Patrol = turn off all apps, go outside!! The Tech world can be awesome for our kids (grand kids) balanced with "the real world"  
3. Her company is Yummico, check it out New apps and a new show coming soon!!
Dr.Susan Bartell (psychologist)
1.  Limit screen time (anything with a screen) to 2 hours a day!! TOTAL      
2. No screens at the table! ever! Model no screens at the table  
3. Never post a picture of anyone without their permission, ever! We all leave a digital foot print
4. Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome can come from TV, she treated young kids who had PTSS that had watch 9-11 on TV and if affected them badly. TV influences our kids tremendously, sexual content shows, produce kids that want to have sex!  
5. Have the computer in a high traffic area of the home and check it often, start when they are young, then it won't be as hard when they are older, because they know you are going to check up on them  
6. No TV in a bedroom, they will want to go outside. and no shut doors!
Jess Kolko (Whole foods Austin,Senior Analyst)
1. Transfat=scary  
2. She went into unsaturated/saturated fat, LDL and HDL=read labels! Lard is better than coconut oil!!! (from saturated fat standpoint) 1 gram of fat=9 calories, she explained the chemistry end of food, must look her up on line.
​Nature's Path
1. 11,000 of our chemicals are banned in Europe  
2. Puberty dropped 5 years since 1920,10 year old girls are starting their period now  
3. Cosmetics are governed by the personal care act of 1938!  
4. The Toxic Act has not changed since 1976, need legislation to change this  
5. Industrial chemical are in our blood!!!!!
6. Fragrance can have 17 chemicals in that one term on a label
7. Skip dryer sheets  
9. Flame retardant ingredients related to ADHD    
10. Always leave the soil better than you found it.
11. Natural means NOTHING, look for ORGANIC 
Dr. Mark Cannon (prof at NW University)
1. Probiotics essential to good health (KEFIR, check it out) Pathogen=bacteria in the wrong place at the wrong time, Probiotic= bacteria in the right place at the right time (Dr. Cannon's definition)
2. Probiotics= prevent the growth of pathogens  
3. Is gluten sensitivity an oral all starts in the mouth..then the gut! (hybridized grains) gluten sensitivity epidemic  
4. Avoid Crest prohealth and Listerine smartrinse I dont know why but he was convincing at the time  
5.Probiotics instead of antibiotics. 
What I will do different now:  Never take my screen to the table, where I will eat foods without chemicals and avoid GMOs. I will watch my "fats" and ALL THAT MEANS! I will never buy oven cleaner or listerine again and could care less if something says "Natural".  I will take probiotics and begin the vitamins that I received from Garden of Life and Solgar. I will try to do this 80% of the time.  And I will gift KIWI magazine to my friends!! 

Got All That?

Sometimes your mom can just sum it all up better than you ever could. Wanting to live a healthy lifestyle and not sure where to dive in? Digest the information above and you'll see that with the knowledge of what and where our foods comes from, where there's a meal, there's a way!

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kim canter - December 7th, 2014 at 8:27 PM
Great summary
Keleigh May - December 7th, 2014 at 8:33 PM
And by a great author! :)
Mary Walker - December 8th, 2014 at 2:38 PM
I agree with you, Keleigh! Great author! This was so helpful.
Keleigh May - December 8th, 2014 at 9:47 PM
Thanks Mary!!:)
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