Throwback Thursday: Easy Chocomint Icing
by Keleigh May on December 11th, 2014

Easy Chocomint Icing 
  • 12-14 chocolate peppermint patties

The minute your cake comes out of the oven top with peppermint patties. Cover cake with foil (helps the patties to melt faster) for about 3 minutes. 
As the peppermint patties melt, spread over the top. 
When fully cooled cover cake. 

Note: I made the 1950's Popular Devil's Food Cake for this, but I think a pound cake or a brownie would compliment this frosting better. 
‚ÄčImage taken from "Betty Crocker's Picture Cook Book" 
Published by Wiley Publishing, Inc. and General Mills
Man to live in the 1950s! I mean the clothes alone are enough to make one want to time travel, but then I stumble across this little hidden gem?! This has to be the most ingenious frosting idea ever. This time of year, we can ALL use MORE time to spend with the ones we love, and this gives us that, plus it looks pretty and tastes amazing! After all, isn't serving good food just a way to show you care? That's what Betty (who wasn't a real woman by the way) says, "We dedicate this book to homemakers everywhere, to all of you who like to minister to your dear ones by serving them good food. That's the age-old way to express love and concern for their welfare." The more "throwback Thursday" recipes I do, the more I discover that the how we cook may change but the why really stays the same. Need to show someone you care this Christmas? Where there's a meal, there's a way!
Here's a "Throwback" to this past summer when I got to film a movie scene from the 1940s.     Pre-dates the Betty Crocker by a few years, but close. If I could dress like that every day I would (complete with a hair and makeup team of course). 

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