Sneaky Clean
by Keleigh May on January 12th, 2015

Last night my dad came and ate dinner with us. My sweet dad's favorite foods are potato chips and mustard, so needless to say I need to ease him into clean eating. I picked up some of his favorite things, only clean. 

On The Menu

Mountain Zevia-

Dad loves him some Mountain Dew, and I'm pretty sure he would be better off drinking horse pee.  Zevia uses all natural ingredients and has zero calories!

Verdict: Dad didn't love it, but in all fairness he doesn't like diet soda period. But hey, I've got Joe off the Dew and on the Zevia, so one man at a time I guess. 
Uncle Matt's Lemonade-

My dad is particularlly addicted to this tangy treat. 

Verdict: Total Success, he thought it was great and wanted to know the name brand! WIN!
Fresh Bread, Salad Greens and Salad Dressings from Whole Foods-

I mean who doesn't love fresh bread? Especially herbed focaccia! The mixed greens and salad dressings were an easy switch. 
P.S. One would think salad dressing would be one of those things you might could slide on and maybe stick with your standard, think again, check those ingredients next time, you'll be surprised!

Verdict: Success, dad liked the Herb de Provance Dressing, while Joe liked the Fig Balsamic (I can't wait to marinate some chicken in BOTH of those later this week) and the bread was GONE!

Modern Table Meals Italian Red Lentil Penne with Trader Joe's Sweet Italian Chicken Sausage-

This was something I was given at the WOW Summit, and I thought this would be the perfect sampling opportunity. To add some protein I added a pack of Sweet Italian Chicken Sausage, because the one thing I know about cooking for all the men in my life, they want meat in ALL their dishes. 

Verdict: Dad, myself and Joe loved it! Tucker got freaked out over the red peppers in the pasta. He will eat a RAW red bell pepper, but apparently mixed in with pasta was an unforgivable culinary sin last night. (I have a feeling though if we try it again another night he might be more forgiving.) 
Whole Foods Organic Vanilla Bean Ice Cream-
My dad and Tucker have always had "Ice Cream Parties." At night, my dad lets Tucker sneak a sweet treat with him, but this time I was prepared. P.S. I love how one is totally into some football game, and one is totally into ice cream.

Verdict: Ice Cream bowls were licked clean! Sweet victory! 

A Clean Victory!

At the end of our meal I asked, "Ok, so tell me honestly, did you miss anything,
or was it a good meal?" He told me, everything was good and he would eat it all again
(well except the Zevia, but hey almost total victory)! 
PEOPLE THIS IS HUGE! If I can get my dad to eat a 100% clean meal, and
ENJOY it, there is literally hope for everyone out there, I promise you! 
Still not sold? Try just making ONE meal clean, and see what you think afterwards.
Want to eat clean but scared that those who are too set in their culinary ways won't accept it? Just try it because, where there's a meal, there's a way!

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