Mrs. Clean
by Keleigh May on January 20th, 2015

My friend, Nugget (my sister gave her this name because she is a little Nugget of a woman), thought she was coming over one night to watch the Bachelor, but we actually ended up watching "OMG GMO".  Afterwards, she asked if I could help her go clean, to which I replied, absolutely yes!  

Going Clean One Step at a Time

The Best Tips When Going Clean
  • Read the Label - the item with the least amount of ingredients wins!  Corn and Soy are  the most common GMO crops, so just assume that if you are buying these and its doesn't say GMO-Free, then assume its GMO-FULL!
  • Know Your Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen - Here ​is a handy pockey guide/key chain.  If it's in the Dirty Dozen, ALWAYS buy organic!
  • The best way to have success when shopping is to have a meal plan.
  • When in doubt, buy ingredients that are organic or certified GMO-Free (Organic always means GMO-Free
​Imagine assembling a bike with absolutely no instructions.  Frustrating huh?  Making a meal plan is your instructions for clean grocery shopping.   You know exactly what ingredients you need, so its easier to spot the clean ingredients and you don’t get overwhelmed.  Going clean is a life style change and can be overwhelming but with a  little planning its actually as easy as lets say, riding a bike.  
The items crossed out with orange lines are the one's we got at Aldi's,
the items with checks are the one's we picked up at Trader Joes and
the items with arrows are the one's we got at Whole Foods.
​All throughout this week, Nugget will be videoing and taking pictures of the meals that she has made.  I know what some of you could be thinking, "That’s great that Keleigh knows how to go clean, she runs a blog and is a stay at home mom.  But I have a 9-5 job and don’t have time to get it done."  Well so does Nugget.  This week I am going to let her prove to you that where there's a meal, there's a way.  

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