30 for 30
by Keleigh May on April 28th, 2015

30 Chocolates for a 30th Birthday!

I would like ya'll to meet my friend, Dj Tanner. Ok, so, I've never met the real Dj, but my actual friend wishes to remain anonymous, so Dj Tanner will fill in (I'm very similar to Kimmy Gibbler so I think if we did know each other in real life we would hit it off).  So me and Dj have been friends since 5th grade. We bonded over puppies and pizza, and as everyone knows a friendship built on food and furry friends are the ones that will last over 20 years. 
Through these 20 years of friendship me and Dj have been on many food adventures, chocolate is Dj's absolute favorite. When I was invited to a surprise 30th birthday party for Dj this past weekend, my culinary wheels began to spin. 
Then the idea hit me, 30 different kinds of chocolate for her 30th! I got the classic candy bars, organic, local (Videri and Escazu) , baking chips, truffles, chocolate covered fruit and more! I think this might be the most fun I've ever had shopping for a birthday present. 
Have a friend celebrating a milestone birthday in the near future? Try a cornucopia of chocolate goodness, not only will you have fun searching for all the goodies, but I'm guessing your pal will thoroughly enjoy eating them as well. Just remember where there's a meal (or a gift), there's a way! 
Need something else to celebrate? The real Dj and Kimmy will be back in Fuller House, coming to Netflix in 2016, now that's an amazing early 30th birthday present! 

Another interesting tidbit? The REAL Dj did retweet me this past Christmas, and it was incredible. 

Oh and apparently 30 for 30 is a sports show? Thank you Joe for constantly keeping me up to date on man knowledge.  

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Kim - April 28th, 2015 at 6:12 AM
This is the best idea ever, except most of my friends are turning 60!! oh! I will just double everything!
Keleigh May - April 28th, 2015 at 6:34 AM
Thank you! 60 pieces of chocolate sounds even better to me (now 100 would be truly spectacular) !
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