Summer with The Mays
by Keleigh May on August 4th, 2015

Sorry I have been kind of quiet for the past few weeks (well this summer), we have been busy running around trying to soak up as much of the summer as we can.  Here are some things that we have been up to this summer.

The Next Great Young Chef

As you all know, I allow Tucker to cook one meal a month. Earlier this summer, he came up with a recipe so good, we thought we should enter it into Kiwi Magazines Next Great Young Chef Competition.  ​His "Island Sweet Potato Boats" made him a finalist!  Be sure to cast your vote daily by visiting the Next Great Young Chef page and VOTE for TUCKER!!!  We are so proud our little guy. For the complete recipe and the video showing you the steps, click HERE.

Our 7th Wedding Anniversary

August 2nd was me and Joe's 7th Wedding Anniversary.  As some of you may know the traditional gift for a 7th Weding Anniverary is copper and Joe gifted me with the complete season of Poldark which has been my favorite summer show, and happens to be about copper mining....what a coincedence! 

Drive-In Movie Theatre

So what does a foodie and her husband do to celebrate this special occasion?  Grab our healthy snacks and head to an old fashioned drive-in of course!  Just north of Raleigh in the town of Henderson is the Raleigh Road Outdoor Theatre.  I have never gone a movie and heard crickets chirping and then be able to see the bright Full Moon above the screen.  It was such a cool experience and I would definitely recommend it if there is a drive-in movie theatre in your area.  Our snacks of choice?  Whole Foods Organic Popcorn, Annie's Bunny Graham Friends, Honest Tea and Almond Cake from Whole Foods Bakery.  With great snacks like these, how can you not enjoy an evening at the theatre!
This week I am off to Wilmington to film the season 3 finale of Under the Dome which will air on CBS on September 10th.  Here are some shots from the Season 3 Premier which aired on June 25th.
This week is Tucker's 5th Birthday Party.  I am busy planning the Wild Kratt/Miles from Tomorrowland/Fresh Beat Band/Angry Birds/Transformers Birthday Palooza. He just couldn't narrow his theme down to his favorite show, so we decided to go with all of them!  One thing that he requested was a Make Your Own Trail Mix Station.  This was something he did at VBS earlier this summer and so we will be doing it at this birthday party.  We will be using healthy treats sucks as KIND Granola, Organic Popcorn, Annie's Bunnies, Dark Chocolate Chips and Dried Fruit.  Each snack will be in its own plastic container and every kid will get to pick what they want to put in their "Spy Box" of Trail Mix.  I will be sure to include more photos and tips from his birthday party next week but until then, I hope you all are enjoying your summer. Summer been busy with anniversaries, birthdays and cooking contests?  Every day is a new adventure because where there's a meal, there's a way!

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