Organic Treats and Fun Tricks
by Keleigh May on October 20th, 2015

Target Hit the Bullseye for Organic Halloween Treats

All of my organic treats came from my local Target this year.
Target,  your unbeatable prices make me swoon. 
YumEarth Organcis Organic Pops
At less than .10 cents a lollipop these are a tasty and budget friendly Halloween treat. I bought my bag at Target for $3.14. 
Surf Sweet Organic Fruit Bears and Jelly Beans
These are one of my favorite treats (It's possible that I might have already eaten around 2 bags by myself-think organic sour patch kids in small single serving bags). I am so hoping that Surf Sweet will sell these sized bags year round! Kiddos will love these this Halloween (if I don't eat them all first). I purchased these on sale for $5.84 (normally $6.49) or about .29 cents (or .32 cents) a pouch.  
Justin's Dark and Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups
I mean, who doesn't love the sweet marriage of chocolate and peanut butter? Why not enjoy one of the absolute highest quality this Halloween. I got my bag of 10 on sale for $5.39 (normally $5.99) so these luscious cups cost .54 cents ( or .60 cents) a piece. I intend to give them out to my favorite kiddos (or Joe might eat them all himself, these are his fav).  
Side Note: I met Justin of Justin's at Expo East and he was really cool, making these cups o' goodness that much better. 

Fun Tricks that are Kid Approved (by Tucker). 

Slide Flutes
This is one that kids will love and parents will...well, Halloween is all about the kids anyways. These cost $7.99 for 72 (or .11 cents a flute). The sound is a little inconsistent, but will be a fun toy that will last beyond Halloween.   
Glitter Sticky Hands
Tucker is most excited about these. As a momma, I love having little toys like this on "hand" not just for Halloween but for unexpected playdates, school parties etc throughout the whole year. These cost $8.25 for 72 (about .11 1/2 cents a piece). That is "High Five" and "Slap your Mamma" kind of good deal! 
Halloween Mini Poppers
Another one that Tucker just thinks is great. The exhilarating anticipation of when these little poppers will explode into the air in unparalleled. OK, ok so that might be a bit of a stretch, but these are fun and something kiddos can play with over and over again. They cost $4.25 for 72 (a bargain at .06 cents a piece). We tested our batch out, and they are quite the high jumpers!  

Organic Halloween on a Budget? It can be done!

Last year was my first "Clean Halloween". I strictly ordered treats from Oriental Trader's. I just didn't think that I could afford to buy enough organic candy to feed all the kiddos in my neighborhood. This year I was shocked to find while shopping at Target, a healthy/organic halloween treat section....that was on sale!  BOOM! With these options, combined with goodies from Oriental Trader, I may have hit the jackpot. We live in a pretty large neighborhood and I always like to have over 200 treats for our trick or treaters. Many people think it would cost around $1.6 million dollars to hand out organic treats on halloween. ​Well, when I added up the prices of everything we have bought,  I was able to get 276 treats ( we live in a large neighborhood) for just over $34 (far below the $1.6 million dollar estimate), which averages out to around $0.13 per piece of Halloween goodness.  Looking through Amazon, large bags of  "traditional" candy (around 150 pieces) can cost you around $0.21 per piece.  Ok, so not only is the organic option healthier for you, but its also better on your wallet?! SOLD! No matter how big the neighborhood or small the budget, where there's a trick (or a treat), there's a way!

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Latonja - October 20th, 2015 at 8:01 PM
Thanks for the tip! Had no idea I got provide healthy treats without shelling out crazy amounts of money...1.6 mil to be exact!)!!!
Keleigh May - October 20th, 2015 at 9:39 PM
I know! By my calculations I have saved $1,599,966. I think a shopping spree might be in order!
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