Paleo Menu Week 4
by Keleigh May on January 25th, 2016

Paleo Menu Week 4

Breakfast- Spinach Omelet
Lunch- Tuna Lettuce Wrap with Broccoli Slaw (left from Paleo Fish Tacos)
Dinner- Balsamic Chicken (with cauliflower rice instead of Pasta) 

Breakfast- Garden of Life Protein Shake and Banana 
Lunch- ​Paleo Cobb Salad- Chopped Romaine Lettuce, chopped hard boiled egg, chopped bacon, tomato and avocado
Dinner- Chili (new recipe coming soon)

Breakfast- Paleo Date Cake and a hard boil egg
Lunch- Leftover chili and spinach salad with cucumber, carrots and tomatoes
Dinner- Honey Mustard Ham and Asparagus Chicken Roll Up with steamed broccoli  

Breakfast- Garden of Life Protein Shake with apples and almond butter
Lunch- Bilinski Chicken Sausage with bell pepper lettuce wrap with an orange
Dinner- Baked Salmon with asparagus and baked sweet potato

Breakfast- Spinach Omelet with Bilinski Chicken Sausage
Lunch- Spinach Salad with Garden of Life Protein Shake
Dinner- BLT Burger- a turkey hamburger served with a tomato slice and bacon served in a lettuce wrap, and steamed broccoli. 

Skillet Apples
Plantain Chips with Almond Butter (banana chips work as well)
Boiled Peanuts   
Carrot Sticks

Final Week- then off to DISNEY!

Last week, along with 56% of America, we were hit with a snow storm-and it fun! At first I nearly panicked because I thought, "What is Joe going to eat?" Then I remembered- oh yes I have a meal plan so all the ingredients are already ready to made into dishes. And boy has the meal planning paid off- as of this morning Joe is down 2 more pounds as we inch ever so much closer to Disney! So be it a snow storm, or a strict diet- meal plans help keep you on track and make your life a whole lot easier because where there's a meal, there's a way!
The Mays enjoying the snow. 
(P.S. we had mostly ice, so the sledding was incredible) 

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