Garden of Life Protein Party
by Keleigh May on April 20th, 2016

​​I am a fairly new convert to the Garden of Life Protein Party.  After learning the many health benefits of the various protein options at the Garden of Life Blogger Summit back in May of 2015, Garden of Life Raw Protein has become a staple in my home. 

​The question I get asked the most is, “What is your favorite flavor?” 

Well, that isn’t exactly and easy question to answer.  For example, what is the best flavor of ice cream?  Some people are die hard purest, thinking Vanilla Bean is the only way to go (I, myself, am part of this camp).  Others think Rocky Road is the end all be all of the ice cream world (yuck).  Much like ice cream, I think the only way you can ever truly pick your favorite flavor of Garden of Life Proteins is the try them all!  This idea started when I had two of my friends give Garden of Life Protein a try.  One hated my most favorite flavor (Raw Protein Energy) and the other bought her own container of Raw Fit, only to discover she was not a fan. In order to help them on their quest to find the right protein, I invited them, plus others who were interested in the protein world, for an all-inclusive Protein Palooza so generously provided by Garden of Life. We literally tried every protein that Garden of Life makes- and it was epic!
​Garden of Life offers 5 different varieties of Protein: Raw Protein, Raw Meal, Raw Fit, Organic Plant Protein and newest, Raw Protein and Greens. Each variety offers different flavors. (More on what differentiates each variety click here).  To help everyone keep track of what he or she thought of each flavor, I printed out flavor cards in which participants scored the protein on a scale from 1-5. Originally I thought that I would be able to say – “out of all the Garden of Life proteins the favorite is…..”. Well, that didn’t exactly happen. The favorites were all over the board.  I found it amusing how some people could absolutely love one flavor, while others thought it was terrible.  No two people had the same absolute favorite.
​Even my 2 “muses” for this party found proteins they liked! The gagger who hated my favorite protein (Evan- to my left) said, “If I had paid for the flavor you first gave me, I probably would have never bought a protein from them again because I thought it tasted so nasty.  But since trying them all, I have found several that I would gladly pay for (Raw Protein & Greens Vanilla and Raw Meal Vanilla) and am actually looking forward to mixing them into my smoothies in the morning.”  My other friend, Lauren (on my right), who purchased the Raw Fit before, said she too found some that she really liked (Raw Protein Marley Coffee) and would be purchasing in the future.  What I gathered from this Protein Palooza is that, if you are new to the Protein World, I would suggest starting with the Garden of Life Raw Proteins.  One of these flavors was in each of my guests Top 3 choices. 

​​The Raw Protein & Greens - Garden of Life’s newest option, blew me away!

Raw Protein and Greens comes in 3 flavors: vanilla, lightly sweetened with no stevia, and my personal favorite, chocolate. As a picky eater, any way I can make my veggies taste like chocolate milk is a win! The Raw Protein and Greens were super helpful this past month when I was exhausted and sick. We found out I am hypoglycemic so I must eat at least 200 calories ever 4 hours. But how can you cook (let alone eat) when you feel so terrible? Raw Protein and Greens to the Rescue! A whole meal in less than a minute- it's a sick person (or hypoglycemic, hurried mom, or overall busy person)'s dream! The lowest ranking proteins out of the group were the Organic Plant Proteins- though surprisingly were the favorite of my 5-year-old son, go figure.
​Coffee was one of the most popular flavors amongst the group, so if you enjoy your cup of coffee in the morning, it would definitely be a good option to try in its place (see Lauren with her new favorite Marley Coffee Raw Protein). Even if you try one and don’t like it, don’t give up, YOU WILL find one you like. ​So you might be saying to yourself," I am no athlete. I spend my day running around, chasing my children or hurrying to and around the office.  Why do I need a protein?" As someone who would much rather enjoy and extra ten minutes of sleep versus making myself breakfast, I can tell you that these protein options from Garden of Life can be the most convenient breakfast.  It’s a quick, healthy option that I know is feeding my hunger, fueling my body and aiding in my overall well-being. The individual packets are super convenient for traveling (what I took and had for breakfast while we were at Disney earlier this year).   As a picky-eater, who did not eat my first green vegetable until I was 28, taste is paramount.  Not only do these proteins taste delicious, but they also are much healthier than any other quick, on-the-go meal options that are out in the market. So, if you’re looking to get into the wide world of proteins, give Garden of Life Proteins a try because, where there’s a (protein) meal, there’s a way.

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