Sweet Summertime
by Keleigh May on June 20th, 2016

OK- so summer has been a bit of a whirlwind so far. First - my little sister got engaged (WAHOO)! Then-I had a basal cell cancer removed from my nose (I have had to walk around with a band aid on my nose for the last 3 weeks - but I'm ok with it, when people stare I just imagine they think I am famous). Next up- Tucker has started his 6 - yes SIX - weeks of Vacation Bible Schools around the triangle (hey- free child care between 9-12 and he learns about Jesus - that's a win/win in my book). And this past weekend we visited Cluck-Cluck and Gobble (my grandparents) down in Burgaw, NC for a quick beach trip and the annual Blueberry festival (where I sampled the BEST cake I've had in years: Cape Fear Rum Cake- YUM). So, as you can see, my recipe development has been on the back burner so to say. What I will offer all of you loyal readers though is my go to menu for this crazy, busy, hot, wonderful time of year we call summer. All the following meals are either super quick, easy to freeze and reheat, or crock pot friendly - a.k.a everything you need to feed your family this summer. Got plans this summer that don't included being in the kitchen all day?
Where there's a meal, there's a way! 




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