Review of Once Upon A Farm Pouches
by Keleigh May on August 24th, 2016

"Once Upon a Time food came straight from the source. Today it still does."

There is no shortage of pouches out there for your little ones to sip on. So what makes Once Upon a Farm different? 

"​Fresh, whole ingredients picked in season, Cold Pressure Protected, refrigerated and delivered straight to you."

Created by a mom who wanted a store bought alternative to homemade baby food. "We use a revolutionary technology in food called High Pressure Processing (HPP).This technology allows us to preserve the nutrients, flavors, textures, aromas and colors of the original fresh fruit and vegetable." The result is a pouch that ONLY has fruit, vegetables and sometimes whole grains, not preservatives, concentrates or any processed additives.  Example- the ONLY ingredient in their Magic Velvet Mango- is mango, nothing else! This is truly the best you can get to homemade folks!  
​I am an adult (or so I've been told) but as a picky eater, pouches can be a go to source of fruit and veggies. So how did Once Upon a Farm measure up? Ok - these are the most gourmet, sophisticated pouches I've tried to date! With 10 different flavors such as Sun- Shiny Strawberry Patch, Just Right Porridge and my personal favorite, Chocolate Ever After, you will have to fight your kids over who gets to eat these.   These aren't just one note flavors- oh no no, they blend together perfectly to taste almost like a dessert...with veggies!
When Tucker came home from his first day of Kindergarten (oh bless my heart, I'm doing much better with that now) he requested a Once Upon A Farm Pouch! So they are mother and kid approved! 
Find out here if Once Upon a Farm is located at a store near you. If not, never fear! They offer direct to your front door shipping, and if you join their email list, for the rest of the month of August shipping is FREE!

Want the highest quality snack in the most convenient package? Thanks to Once Upon A Farm, where there's a meal, there's a way! 

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Latonja - August 27th, 2016 at 9:26 AM
Thanks! Going to send some to my Fancy in California!
Keleigh May - August 29th, 2016 at 6:40 PM
Wonderful Latonja! I bet she will love them!
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