Favorite New Food Trends 2016-2017 (Part 1)
by Keleigh May on September 27th, 2016

Last week I was fortunate enough to attend the Natural Food and Product Expo in Baltimore Maryland with my wonderful administrative assistant (aka my mama). Gracious, so many wonderful products- but this week I'm going to narrow it down to some of the top trends I noticed (Clean Food, Quick, Something to Sip On, Better Choices, Paleo-A-Go-Go, All Treats (no tricks) -highlighting me and my assistant's favorites. So buckle up, here we go. 

Clean Food, Quick!

I mean, we all have days where we need some nutrition in us, and with little to no effort. These products accomplish just that, all while being clean and healthy. 
Ellyndale Q Cups

Organic quinoa in a cup that's ready in 5 minutes! Best part? It tastes good! Q Cups come in 3 flavors, organic quinoa, savory garlic and mushrooms, and southwestern barbeque. Serve this and my spinach and feta meatballs  and you've got yourself a dinner in less than 10 minutes! You can check out here where you can find Q Cups!
​Wella Bar

This mother-daughter duo loved the mother-daughter duo behind Wella Bars. Wella Bars are nut-based protein bars are made to enjoy on the go. These bars are made with just a few simple ingredients, are protein packed and delightfully delicious. Wella Bars come in 4 flavors: peanut cocoa, powerful peanut, cranberry crunch, and awesome almond. You will find these in the refrigerated section and at SAMs club or check here to see if they are sold at a store near you.   
Modern Table Meals

​Started by a group of busy moms, Modern Table Meals are here to make it easy to bring healthy, yummy, and easy meals to everyday life. They know life gets crazy sometimes, and when it does, you don’t have to compromise health for convenience. These gluten free, protein packed pasta kits are ready in 15 minutes or less and come in a variety of flavors to please every palate. Modern Table Meals even got me to try a broccoli pasta- something I thought I would never do, let alone enjoy! Modern Table Meals are available at Whole Foods and Targets (among others) and you can check them out here
Kodiak Cakes Minute Muffins

Ok, so I am on the struggle bus most mornings- but these Minute Muffins by Kodiak Cakes are a total game changer. ​Minute Muffins are an all-natural muffin mix served in a convenient, microwavable cup. Got a minute? Good, that’s all you’ll need to make yourself a hot, healthy breakfast that will satisfy and energize you for the rest of the morning. Staying true to the brand, they have made sure that this muffin mix is add-water-only, and packed full of fiber, protein, and whole grains without compromising on taste. Minute Muffins come in 4 yummy flavors (Mountain Blueberry, Double Chocolate, Apple Cinnamon Oats and Pumpkin Dark Chocolate) and are sold on amazon and in stores nationwide check here to find them near you. 

Something to Sip On

Staying hydrated is a crucial part of everyday health- and these products take staying hydrated to a new level of awesome. 
Happy Tree Lemon Maple Water

I first discovered Happy Tree Maple Water at last year's expo, but this stuff is just too good not to mention again. Maple waters are beginning to trickle into the market, but Happy Tree's is above the rest. Maple Water is the delicious tree water tapped from maple trees in the early spring and have more manganese than a serving of kale! Happy Tree Lemon Maple water has 2 simple ingredients ( organic maple water and organic lemon juice) and tastes like a lightly sweetened lemonade. Happy Tree Maple water comes in 4 flavors, original, lemon, ginger, and coffee). Check here to see if Happy Tree is sold at a store near you. 
Mr. Mak's Gin Bao

​Gin Bao is based on a beverage that simmers across Asia and serves as the basis for nearly half of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Gin Bao takes its name from its core recipe- the ​simmering of ginger and ginseng for hours into the perfect Bao. ​Mr. Mak's Ginbao launched this past week at the Expo with three flavors (original ginger and ginseng, Queen Bee with added honey and Energizing with Green Tea), each with key ingredients drawn from traditional remedies to deliver great taste and specific effects. All are un-carbonated, gluten-free and natural, with no fructose and as few as 40 calories. Mom loved the refreshing ginger taste. Click here to learn more about Mr. Mak's Gin Bao. 
buchi Unlimited Apple Lime Kombucha

Whether you are looking for a healthy soda alternative, or just a probiotic packed treat, Kombucha delivers. So much so that Kombucha is projected to be a $4.46 Billion industry by 2024. My personal favorite brew is buchi's Unlimited apple and lime. buchi was started by 2 North Carolina mamas with a love for homemade Kombucha and now has grown to over 10 flavors and can be found all along the east coast. To find buchi near you click here
Coco Community Organic Coconut Water

Coco Community (a division of VitaCoco) has developed a truly exceptional Coconut water (which mom and I both agreed tasted slightly like chocolate milk- but no one really understood this-so I'm going to need your feedback on this one). What makes this different from the other coconut waters out there? ​It’s all thanks to the Nam Hom coconuts, the people who grow them, and the only place in the world where they grow: in the green groves of Ratchaburi, Thailand. The farmers in the community pride themselves on being the guardians of these special coconuts, which produce a drink that’s naturally sweet and refreshing. It’s about as tasty as coconuts get! Coco Community Organic Coconut Water is available at Wal-Mart and Target. 
Zest Tea 

Love tea but need the caffeine that coffee gives? Look no further than Zest Tea! Zest Tea has as much caffeine per cup as coffee, and about 3 times the levels of traditional tea. Bonus- Zest Tea has L-Theanine, an amino acid that helps prolong the energy and alertness, while reducing the jitters and crash associated with more caffeinated products. I am super pumped about their Cinnamon Apple flavor and am already dreaming up some delicious fall concoctions to help us get moving in the morning (I'll be sure to post my creations so check back soon). Find out more about Zest Tea click here
Health-Ade Kombucha Holiday Cheer

By now I think you have gathered that I am a fan of Kombucha, but Health-Ade Kombucha has developed a new seasonal Holiday Cheer flavor, that quite frankly knocked my socks off! At first, I'll be honest- I was skeptical (I'm not a fan of vanilla tasting sodas) but their blend of ginger, vanilla, cacao, and allspice made me want to snuggle up on my couch and watch a Hallmark Christmas movie. Health-Ade also had a delightful pink lady apple flavor that is available year round. Check your local Fresh Market to find Health-Ade Kombucha or you can get more info here.  
La Croix

This lightly flavored carbonated drink is HUGELY popular with millennials and just about anyone looking for a calorie free sparkling treat. My husband, Joe, is one of the latest converts of the La Croix movement- especially since he has gone Paleo. How do the new flavors (NiCola and Tangerine) measure up? I would describe the NiCola as being uniquely cola and distinctly La Croix, while the Tangerine was refreshingly sweet with just enough citrus tang. La Croix can be found just about everywhere or you can read more about this game changing brand here.  

Hungry For More?

Be sure to check back tomorrow for part 2 featuring Better Choices, alternatives to traditional snack food. Wether on the go- or looking for a way to stay hydrated and healthy thanks to some of these amazing companies, both new and old,
where there's a meal, there's a way!

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