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by Keleigh May on October 4th, 2016

Paleo- A-Go-Go

Paleo was a HUGE trend at this year's show. Without further ado, here are some our favorite paleo products.  
(P.S. even if aren't Paleo- I think you will still enjoy these products!)
Ello Raw

One of my first stops at the Expo was at the Raleigh based booth for Ello Raw. Ello Raw offers handcrafted, small batch, bite sized treats free of chemicals, fillers, gluten, eggs, soy, dairy and agave. Ello Raw comes in 3 yummy flavors (Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Cinnamon Sugar Donut and Paleo flavor- Goji Cacao Brownie). Ello Raw puts health before profit, because they believe all people deserve REAL food (preach). To find where you can purchase Ello Raw and to learn more click here.  
Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil

Primal Kitchen offers an entire line of Paleo condiments, from proteins and bars, to salad dressings and mayo. My personal favorite is their Avocado Oil. Avocado oil has a mild taste (more mild that olive oil) and a high smoke point- making it perfect for everything from homemade salad dressings to frying and sautéing. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and packed with monounsaturated oleic acid, it is a great addition to any kitchen. Click here to discover more of Primal Kitchen's products and also to see where you can pick some up  for yourself.
Bob's Red Mill Paleo Baking Flour

Bob has done it again folks! Paleo baking flour contains 4 ingredients (almond flour, arrowroot starch, coconut flour and tapioca flour) and makes it easy to create muffins, crackers and more! This flour has the smooth consistency of traditional flour while being completely free of gluten and grains. I will be sure to post some recipes featuring Paleo flour in the near future, in the mean time click here to check out all of Bob's Red Mill products. 
4505 Chicharrones Fried Pork Rinds

A Paleo approved treat- fried pork skin, and boy did Joe love them. 4505 Meats ​was built upon the values of whole animal butchery and are committed to bringing you quality and delicious products.The Chicharrones are fried in lard in kettles which produce a lighter & crispier texture but also minimizes waste, in part of their commitment to whole animal utilization and sustainable production. 4505 Chicharrones come in 3 flavors- classic, jalapeño, and BBQ. For more on information on 4505 meats click here
Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein

Bone broth was a big trend at the show this year, but this was the only Bone Broth Protein we saw. Mom (a.k.a my administrative assistant) was fascinated by Ancient Nutrition's Bone Broth Protein.  
Bone Broth Protein is a powder shake that contains 20 grams of protein and is free of gluten, dairy and soy. Bone broth contains protein, collagen, gelatin, glucosamine and other nutrients that the body needs to function optimally. With Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein you get all the health benefits of Bone Broth in a convenient, easy to mix powder. Click here to find out more about Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein.  
RX Bar

Instead of placing the ingredients on the back in microscopic letters, RX proudly places their ingredients in big bold letters on the front of each and every package. RX Bars come in 9 delightful flavors- Maple Sea Salt, Mint Chocolate, Chocolate Sea Salt, Blueberry, Coconut Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Coffee Chocolate, Apple Cinnamon, and seasonal favorite Pumpkin Spice. RX Bar ​set out to create a whole food protein bar they felt good about eating and that made them feel great after they ate it. Mission accomplished. RX Bars are available nationwide (and at one of my favorite places: Trader Joe's). Click here to find out more at RX Bars. 
Chosen Foods Avocado Oil
Black Garlic Mayo

Sounds weird- tastes amazing. ​Black garlic (fermented garlic) is believed to have twice the antioxidant levels as fresh. Mixed with paleo approved Avocado Oil Mayo- you have a winning combination in my book. I love pairing this with my Pesto Pepperoni Sandwich, while Joe simply mixes it with tuna for a simple lettuce wrap. Chosen Foods has an entire line of healthy oils, seeds, snacks and condiments. At a time when food is often fast and convenient, Chosen Foods encourage people to slow down. "We want to inspire folks to get in the kitchen and put real food back on the table. We believe the act of cooking and the time spent around the dinner table should be savored." Find out more about Chosen Foods here
Goodness Grainless

These rich chocolate cookies were some of Joe's favorite from the show. Goodness Grainless has an entire grainless bakery in New Jersey, all of which can be delivered right to your front door!  Owner and professional pastry chef Michelle Retik, of Short Hills, NJ, began exclusively cooking with nut flours and local honey in 2012 after experiencing little success with traditional medical treatment for Ulcerative Colitis. Michelle switched to a restrictive dietary regimen that eliminated all grains, refined sugars and most dairy and immediately began experiencing relief in her symptoms. She is now completely symptom free. Word spread of her baked goods and Michelle soon found demand for her specialty pastry treats for others both on and off the restrictive diets. To try goodness grainless for yourself or to find out more information, click here


The Cavemen would be happy.

Paleo Products are here to stay- and that is delightful. I mean seriously- now  you can have pork fried chips on a flatbread with mayo- Paleo people rejoice! Stuck in a paleo rut- test out these new products because where there's a meal there's a way!

Going to the Chapel...

​Alright- I am signing off for the rest of the week because this weekend my little sis is getting MARRIED!  When I return be ready for some clean Halloween suggestions and some fun fall treats!

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